Fabric Box Tutorial

Supply List:

2 coordinating fabrics (I used ¼ yard of each)

Pellon Decorbond (fusible interfacing, I used about ¼ yard)

Ultrafirm or other heavy stabilizer (this is 27” wide – I used about ¼ yard)


Determine how large you want your box to be and cut accordingly. I chose to use an 8” square bottom and 4 ½” x 8” sides, making the finished dimensions: 7”w x 7”d x 3 ½”h after allowing for a ½” seam allowance. Handles are optional  ~ I made mine 12” long x 3” wide, keeping in mind that I will lose a full inch of length with the seam allowance.

Step 1: cut your pattern pieces. Out of each fabric and fusible interfacing, cut 4 sides and 1 bottom piece. Cut 2 pieces of fabric and interfacing for your handles. Fuse interfacing to fabric pieces. Trim ¼” off the height of the 4 lining – side pieces. This will allow it to fit nicely inside the box and easier to top stitch in your final step.

Step 2: cut 4 side pieces and 1 bottom piece out of ultrafirm and baste to your outer fabric.

Step 3: mark ½” seam allowances on the back of your side panels on three sides (short sides and bottom) of all 8 side panels. I used a pencil since it will not be seen after it’s constructed.

Step 4: fold handle fabric in half, matching long sides and stitch. Turn using loop turner, press and top stitch sides of handle.

Step 5: for both outer and lining fabric attach side panels to each other, stitching from the top, to the intersection where the ½” seam allowance markings meet, reinforcing your stitch at each end. Once all 4 are sewn together, press seam allowances open.

Step 6: for both lining and outer fabrics, pin sides of box to box bottom, making sure that seams are open an spaced ½” from each edge (this will leave a nice little 1/2″ corner in each corner of the box bottom). Sew each side down in the same manner, reinforcing your stitch at each end. Trim your corners.

Step 7: pin your handles (right sides together) to the outer box, baste.

Step 8: turn your lining inside out and place inside the outer box. Pin with right sides together around the perimeter of the box keeping about a 4” gap open.  Sew, making sure you keep the 4” opening (this is what you will turn the fabric through).

Step 9: pull the fabric through the 4” gap you left open, with right sides out, tuck the lining into the box and press with hot iron turning in the ½ seam allowance left from your 4” gap.

Step 10: top stitch about 1/8” from edge around the perimeter of the top of the box (this will close the gap you used to pull the fabric through). If desired, add another row of top-stitching.

Step 11: fill your new box as desired!

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