Friendship Containers

Way over a month ago, a then customer (but, happy to say now co-crafter, Lauren) brought Robin and I each a “Friendship Can.” Of course we were thrilled to get it – who wouldn’t have been, but what is even cooler is what you do with it! Now, I had never seen one so when I popped open the lid and read this…

A Friendship Container

In the renewing of an old English tradition,

it’s told how a special container is traditionally passed

back and forth as each occasion arises and is

exchanged through the years by friends and

loved ones. It may contain soothing bath salts

to enjoy in a quiet moment. Maybe it will be

returned with special chocolates, a piece of

jewelry, potpourri, or an antique handkerchief

for drying tears. In any case use your imagination

to fill your container and pass it back and forth

through the years. After all, the real gift inside is

the treasure of your friendship.

I couldn’t wait to make a handful of them myself and start sharing the friendship!  I literally rushed to Hope Depot and only left a few of the quart-size paint cans that they had on the shelf! Luckily, I had all the other supplies on hand – spray adhesive, mod-podge, a paint brush, double-sided fusible web, a rotary mat and rotary cutter, an iron and of course…fabric! But alas, I had no time on my hands. So friends, you must wait…but know I am thinking about you. Even so far as getting goodies to fill the “Friendship Containers.”

Step 1: Pick a font and print out “Friendship.” I used Rockwell, font size: 150. Once I printed this out, I cut each letter out, then repositioned them so all the letters would be somewhat connected and made a copy on card stock. Once this was cut out it became my template.

Step 2: Press fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric with a hot iron. I used the mirror image of my template to draw the words out on the paper side of the fusible web. You may notice that the tracing isn’t real crisp ~ I didn’t worry too much since this was the paper side and wouldn’t show once I pulled it off the back of the fabric. I was able to cut crisper lines and it saved my hands from early-onset arthritis. Remember, I almost bought all the cans Home Depot had in stock!

Step 3: With the sharpest scissors I could get my hands on – I cut out the letters. Then, peeled the paper off the back and pressed it with a hot iron onto the fabric I chose for the outside of the can.

Step 4: Spray the back of the fabric with spray adhesive (do this outside) and press the fabric onto the can. Allow it to dry. Following mod-podge directions, put a light coat over the fabric and allow it to dry. Now, for the fun part…filling it! Remember how I had time to buy the treats, but not finish the cans – I promise I didn’t get the Valentine’s Day candy on sale – I am just a wee bit behind these days!!

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