Crafty Laine closed on September 30, 2013. Thank you for letting us share in your sewing experience, hopefully we can do it again sometime! 

Do you ever wish that you accepted your mother’s offer to teach you to sew? Instead, you were busy flirting with boys, gossiping on the phone or loitering the local mall with your girlfriends! Now, you are a professional, mom, or a mom-to-be. You are a woman with creativity locked up inside without an outlet and if you could only sew, all your troubles would vanish! Instead you find yourself using lack-luster plastic grocery bags which pile up and get thrown out or a department store handbag without the right combination of pockets for everything you carry to get you through your day.

Welcome to Crafty Laine where you can learn to channel your creativity with our sewing lessons and stay ahead of the fashion trends with one-of-a-kind accessories. We’ll teach you the exciting and simple techniques of sewing as you gab and blab with your girlfriends all the while meeting new people who crave your same passion for a creative outlet.